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Caitlin Cotten


Trumpets: Jeff Watson, Al Jones, Mark Phillips, Steve Cotten
Trombones: Jim Hopkins, Mike Wallyn, Chamis Dougherty, Michael Plake



Andy Howard, Ed Johnson, Burt Etchison, Evan Johnson, John Holt

Rhythm Section

Piano: Paul Addison
Bass: Caleb Benner
Drums: John Tilford

dustin photo.PNG
Click photo for Video Tribute

It has been an incredible opportunity the last almost 20 years to sing with The Big Swing Band.  When I started in 2002 we were pretty much just a rehearsal band. We played a Sunday show at Duncan Hall every once in a while to keep the rehearsal space.  Getting 20 bucks for a show was a big deal back then.  I've never been in it for the money.  Not many people can say they get to sing or play in a full big band.  -Dustin

              (in one of his final emails)

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